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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 4, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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we're following some breaking news. we've learn d.c. councilman and
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former mayor marion berry has been arrested tonight. woer will he is in police custody at this hour in southeast washington. a high ranking police source says it involve domestic harassment or stalking. it is unclear what the allegations are at this point but we'll bring you the latest information on the councilman's arrest as soon as it become available. breaking news, we've learned that marion berry is in u.s. park police custody at this hour in washington. good evening. after 9:00, one of the biggest fair works shows went off without a hitch right here in washington. people packed the mall on roof tops to get the best view. it capped off the day of fun filled patriotism complete with the parade down constitution avenue. and the concert in front of the capital. now hundreds of thousands of people are making the trek home. now the report on all the evening's festivities.
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>> reporter: it was a spectacular display of explosions and covering the ground of the washington monument. fireworks in the nation's capital on independence day was a crowd pleaser. >> the fireworks are amazing. it was a great sight to see it near the washingn monument. >> this is the first time i came to d.c. they said it would be awesome. it is. >> reporter: officials estimated hundreds of thousands of people would travel to the national mall to take in the fourth of july celebrations. boosted by warm, breezy weather. >> it was great. i have family in town from alaska so they enjoyed it. we didn't really plan ahead. just kind of waltzes up here at 9:00. right by the washington monument. >> reporter: fireworks on the mall is a favorite for people who live in the d.c. area, and many tourists came to celebrate the nation's independence. >> absolutely beautiful. >> you've been here before? >> never. my first time. >> reporter: was it everything you expected and hopedor? >> absolutely.
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>> reporter: earlier in the day people camped out on the mall, playing game, picnicking, picking a spot to take in the fireworks. >> we went for a picnic and then we ate in south america fad. then we came here and we're hoping that the fire work will be amazing. >> reporter: now that the festivities are over, the masses are trying to get home. officials urged people to take metro and many did. the system will stay open late to help people geto tir destinations. >> no rush. the kids are all gone. for the weekend. my son is in new jersey, my daughter is in ireland, and my other daughter is working. no kids. >> mom and dad get to stay out. >> yes. first time in 21 years. >> reporter: metro officials estimate ridership at more than 447,000 people, as of about 9:30 this evening. the rails will remain open until 3:00 in the morning to accommodate all the crowds. on the national mall, news 4. tonight vienna had its first
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fourth of july fire work display since 2007. two years ago, 11 people, including five children, were seriously injured after a mortar fire misfired into the crowd. the town held a laser show last year but tonight the fireworks went off without a hitch. a second person has died aer a truckloaded ewthir f ksorks opl soued north carina' rte banks. it happened this morning on ocracoke island as crews were setting up. two workers are dead and three others are years why isly injured. the second worker died after spending several hours in a burn unit. no word yet on what caused the blt. noreworks of afeif dntre kind in eshwrt a possible gasea lk led to an explosion, leveling one he and damaging at least one other. >> reporter: the section of homes flattened after a powerful explosion rocked the neighborhood near rock creek park. firefighters dashed to the scene but by the time they arrived, the damage had been done. >> at about 6:15 p.m. this
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evening, the fire department was dispatched to a call for an explosion in the neighborhood at oregon avenue and nebraska avenue. upon arrival, what we found was a house that was pretty much leveled. at this point, we know it was an explosion. >> reporter: the blast was so strong, it not only leveled this home. it blew out the window at least one other nearby house. the owners of the home where the blaflt occurred were out of town but firefighters conducted a routine extensive search inside the structure. >> no one was in the house. the family was also vacationing in tennessee. we've spoken to the occupants. but we'll take the time to bring in canine units to ensure no one has broken into the house or for any other reason was in this home. >> reporter: the dogs were brought in. african vasting the scene, it was determined no one was inside. however, when attorneys return from out of town -- when the owners return, the damages are
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estimated at $3 million. >> firefighters cutting utilities. tonight the investigation continues. shock and disbelief around the nfl after the former raven was found shot to death. steve mcnair and a wom were found dead today. >> reporter: good evening. minutes ago, the national police department updated us on the murder of steve mcnair, the former ravens quarterback was shot several time in a nashville condo. a woman was also found shot to death and the gun was found near her body. investigators are interviewing people in the neighborhood who may have saw something. but have not made any arrests. police say mcnair went to the condo early this morning and mcnair and the woman were friends. mcnair played 13 seasons in the nfl for the houston oilers, tennessee titans and ravens. a three-time pro bowler retired after the 2007 season with 174 career touchdown passes. the long time friends, grief stricken with the news of his
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death. >> i've been in contact with some of his more closer friends. and everybody is dumb-founded and flabbergasted. we're all trying to figure out what exactly happened. this has really struck a blow to us. >> reporter: steve mcnair dead at the age of 36. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, sarah pin speaks out on her facebook page about some big plans she has after she resigns. and more than a million michael jackson fan waiting to see if they're the lucky winners of those coveted tickets to the king of pops memorial service. and this independence day, visitor to lady liberty get the opportunity to see a part of the statue that has been off limits for nearly eight years. steve? weatherwise, it was a wonderful day today but there are lots of clouds out now.
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today sarah palin's lawyer threatened media outlets for spreading defamiliarer to rumors. first family hosted nearly 1,200 military families on the south lawn of the white house this independence day. president obama spoke of the sacrifice made by generations of americans. >> true to form, they like all of you say they were just doing their job. that's what makes you the best of us. that's why we simply want to say thank you. to each and everyone of you for your extraordinary service to our country.
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>> entertainment included plenty of carn valley like game, along with musicians, and food fighters and comedian jimmy fallon. for the first time since 9/11, visitors can walk all the way into the crown of lady liberty. this morning small groups of visitors started making the trek up the 364 steps to the top. one of those visitors decided to surprise his girl with a marriage proposal. i think she said yes. when we come back, how police in los angeles are preparing for hundred of thousands of michael jackson fans who may pour into the city next week without a ticket to his memorial service. and will we stay dry for the rest of the hospital weekend? since re/max first opened its doors back in 1973, we've helped millions of families buy or sell a home. through good times and bad, including five previous recessions, re/max agents have provided the kind of experience america relies on to get the job done.
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now an update on the breaking news we brought you first on 4. d.c. mayor marion berry has been arrested. he is currently in police custody in southeast washington. details remain sketchy but a high ranking police, the charge involve domestic harassment or stalking. stay with news 4 for the latest on this breaking story. authorities in look are facing a major logistical challenge as they prepare for michael jackson's memorial service. the service will be held tuesday at the staples center. already more than 1.2 million people registered for a chance to get a ticket. jay gray has more. >> reporter: as preparations continue for the michael jackson memorial tuesday at staples center -- >> i've bee a friend of michael jackson ever since i knew he
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existed. >> reporter: the chance for fan to be a part of the event has ended. online registration for the lottery to give away more than 17,000 tickets closed late saturday. more than 1.2 people logged on, hoping to get a seat. winners will be notified tomorrow about where they can pick up tickets on monday. >> i would just love to be there for the memorial. it would be awesome. >> reporter: hundreds continue to gaza outside the jackson estate in encino. inside, his family continue to work through dl grief whale trying to settle on plan for both the public memorial and private funeral. >> they are certainly heart broken but determined to preserve the legacy. and to give him the dignity he deserves. >> reporter: sources close to the jackson family say details are still shifting by the hour. but that's a type of service and burial will likely be here at the forest lawn memorial park in hollywood hills. jay gray, new 4. the weather could not have been better for the annual parade near the mall today.
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all branches of the military were represent in the parade which brought out families of troops who are overseas right now. they said the parade should remind everyone of the troops who cannot be here to join in the fourth of july fun. and yeah, boy. a few clouds out there and it turned out to be a very nice day. >> it was so nice out there. it was comfortable. it wasn't too hot. and we had low humidity. so it made it -- >> in july. >> exactly. in july. low humidity. so tomorrow, here what's going to happen. the storm system is going to move across the area. it will stay to the south of us. so the clouds are out there now. the clouds stay with us all day torrow and we'll see some off and on rain showers move across the area, with the best chance of rain south of town. in fact, north of town, it is we could go the day for the most part, staying dry. with that said, let's go to the map and talk about what's going on. here's what it looks like. we have the clouds moving in. in fact, they started to move in during the late afternoon hours.
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right now it is mostly cloudy out. there 63 degrees. the dew point is at 57. so yes, the dew point is very low. it is very,ery comfortable. so here is, again, what's happening right now. temperaturewise, here's the deal. it is actually 75 in the district. that was a mistake. 76 at the river and 75 toward annapolis. the dew points are in the lower 50s. look at that. very, very comfortable for this time of year. typically in july, dew points would be higher, but since we have that northerly flow by keeping things nice and crisp, on digital doppler, we're still dry but there are a few light rain showers pushing toward the area. you can see a spotty shower to the west and one down toward harrisonburg. here's the bigger picture. you can see the batch of rain moving toward the area. most of this again will stay to the south of us. you can see that across the tennsee river valley. we do have some heavier rain
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with thunderstorms. we have a wave of lower pressure. it will stay to the south and eventually kick out toward the atlantic. on the back side. we'll have that northerly flow which will bring in even cooler weather tomorrow. tomorrow, temperature will hover in the mid 70s with cloudy conditions. again, the best chance of rain tomorrow will be south of town across central and southern virginia. since the storm system will be close enough, we'll have at least a chance of seeing some off and on showers at a point throughout the day. we do have some cooler weather associated with that storm system. it will be pushing into the area. here futurecast. tomorrow morning we start off with a couple light rain showers, but then light rain showers. the best chance of rain will be south of town. by the time we get to monday, the storm system kicks it out of here and the sunshine returns. come tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, a few showers, especially sow. southwest of town. temperature in the mid 50s through the mid 60s. then during the day, mostly cloudy conditions. temperature, cooler with daytime
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highs. only climbing into the mid 70s. about teneg esre coolerha nes toda and again, keep the umbrella on standby. not everyone gets wet tomorrow. for the of town for the most part, it will be dry. some off and on showers in the district and then sow of town. that's where we have the best chance of rain. 75 degrees. we start to get to about 63. the rest of the week looks pretty good. on tuesday, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. otherwise, warm. temperature back into the mid 80 with partly to mostly sunny skies. >> goodness gracious. >> all right. thank you sir. still ahead in sports, tiger woods pumped for a dream. rq@qaú
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we're starting off with golf. >> we're starting off with golf and everybody wants to see it. they want to see tiger and that's what they've got. the stage is set. superstar tiger woods against budding assumer star anthony kim. tiger has won 67 time in his contrary on a pga tour. a.k. has only played in 63 events in his career. they both want what the other has. anthony kim, the defending champ. tiger woods, the best in the world. the student against the teacher. let the fireworks begin. third round action, the kids are all fired up for tiger. tiger woods had the lead to start the third round here on number nine for eagle. putting with precision. get that to go. tiger moves to 11 under. cameron beckman, his third shot, five. the chip from the rough, perfect. right into the eagle. beckman at nine under.
11:23 pm
this is rob, tigers playing partner. putting for birdie on the 14th hole from about 83 feet away. check this out. breaking from left to right. just remarkable. keith, unreal. tracking i for birdie. he lost it, of course. and even tiger says nice shot, man. gives him a high five. this is round one leader. ants kid, his third shot. par 414th, a thing of beauty. almost go into the cup. stops it short. a tap in for par. tiger woos on the 11th. from the bunker, not good. he knew it as soon as he hits it. tying woer double bogey. however, he would finish the day even par. back to anthony kim. here on the 16th hole for birdie. knocks that down. kim tied for the lead with tiger woods at ten under par. five other golfers within three. tomorrow's final pairing, tiger and a.k. go.
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>> i used to practice thinking i was in the final round with tiger, a final putt. i had to make a ten footer to win the golf tournament. he was watching me. >> when i was growing up, it was jack, arnold, hogan. >> replayed a lot of moments but i had to actually not think about that. i had to go out there and stick with my game plan and get the ball in the fairway first and foremost. >> as we all know, he can play. >> there are their aren't too many chances you get to play against the best in the world. >> time has gone on, we've seen the talent, we've seen them grow as a player. and it is just a matter of time before he starts winning golf tournaments. >> i expect he will be wearing a red shirt and he will be out there ready to go. and i'll be ready as well. >> tiger and kim tee off at 2:20. in tennis tomorrow, there is also a dream match-up. roger federer against andy roddick. federer has his eye on history trying to bin a record 15th
11:25 pm
grand slam title. you can see the match at 9:00 a.m. on the women's side, an all williams sisters final. and serena beat up on her big sister venus. meeting in the final for the fourth time, venus, the defending champ. serena, the last in 2003. up 6-3, serving in the far court. serena's back hand hits the top of the net. venus charges but serena says you're not returning this. a perfect lob. serena win the first set. now to championship point, venus serving down 5-2. and well, venus hits it into the net. serena fill with emotion. drops to her knees. her third wimbledon championship and her 11th major title. talking baseball. adam dunn's 300th career home run is the headline. what really matters to dunn and his teammates is the bottom line. he became the fifth player to reach 300 home runs but his single was the difference. bottom seven. adam dup at the plate.
11:26 pm
and dunn doing work. crushes it into the upper deck in right and there it is. career home run number 300. he did it in less than 4,200 at-bats. only babe ruth, mark mcguire and others reached it faster pretty exclusive company. he gets a curtain call and here they come. bottom eighth. ryan zimmerman up with the bases. and zim comes through. a base hit up the mill. robby trucks home and says, hey, josh, follow me. here comes josh, hustling home. and bart is in there. tying it at 3-3. very next batter, braves bring in a lefty. and dunn delivers again. line one into right. nick johnson scores. a big day for dunn. the nationals went 5-3 and the fans like this little girl, jumping for joy. d.c. night, enter tonight' game against the crew in first place. the black and red hoping to lead
11:27 pm
columbus, still in first place. the head coach union i'd, trying to hand the crew its first loss at home. clyde smith with the shot on net but he stopped. he gets to the ball, crossed it in the box. headed right in front. a free ball here. christian gomez. however, d.c. you about i'd settles for a 1-1 tie. the good news, snil first place. >> tomorrow, will a.k. be able to take the heat? >> no. tiger will take over. >> you heard it here. >> that's our news for tonight. happy independence day. see yotomorrow at 6:00.ñúå 7x=ñ
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next on c-span, live coverage of the house financial services committee. where hearings on the proposed bailout bir e thg three auto coanies are about to begin.


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